Professional Services

Professional services organizations face the critical need to track every aspect of every project they work on. Deadlines are important; dollars need to be accounted for and billable hours for all personnel involved must be tallied.

Poor project management can mean unfulfilled agreements, loss of revenue and hours, weeks or months of wasted effort.

When you work in the realm of the intangible—selling expertise and ideas rather than physical products—it’s especially important to prove your worth. Professionals who charge by the hour or project—attorneys, financial advisors, public relations professionals, architects and designers know that meticulous records and billing procedures are necessary to collect their fees and good to have on-hand in case they need to defend their cost. These records are also invaluable when asking for a fee increase or when contracts are due for renewal.

KTL Solutions understands the unique challenges that professional services organizations face. The KTL team can implement and configure a solution based in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL and/or Acumatica that will support any firm as they work to meet their clients’ expectations and provide dedicated customer service that is on-time and on-budget.

Our project management and accounting solutions can be custom-designed to suit your needs. Our solutions typically include the following:
  • Track jobs and related information, including budgets, deadlines and billings, from fruition to completion
  • Maintain a schedule of deadlines that reflects a project’s status
  • Resource management
  • Log and maintain expense reports
  • Manage teams using Web-based collaboration tools and respond quickly to team inquiries
  • Track employee information
  • Ensure timely, error-free invoicing
  • Generate financial statements
  • Create, edit and maintain job reports, forms and other relevant documentation